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Mobile Working: Setting Up Your Outdoor Office

Headshot of a man with a blurred background By Ben Reiland March 26, 2021

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Summer is nearly upon us. Whether you live in a place that’s never seen snow or you’re used to 10 inches every couple weeks in winter, you’re probably looking forward to getting outside. The great thing about remote work is you’re able to take and do your work mobile. But are you equipped to do so? Here’s a list that can help you set up an outdoor office and truly work mobile. 

1). Hotspot 

Working in a coffee shop has its place. But, it also has its drawbacks. Perhaps you know the acoustic playlist too well. Maybe a particularly vocal patron has started encroaching on your spot. And whether you’re vaccinated or not may decide how likely you are to go somewhere that sees a lot of foot traffic. Only, without their internet, what can you do? 

With a hotspot, you can bring work mobile in the outdoors. The strength of your connection may depend on your location and the quality of your device. That doesn’t mean you can’t get to emails as you need to. 

2). Power Source 

Another benefit of getting to work ia coffee shop is the source of power. Power is essential to working as the laptop in need of charging is. Start a day with a couple of zoom meetings and watch that battery drain to single digits. That’s not to say you can’t be careful, schedule a day where you only call into meetings, keep your activities limited to non-draining computer programs. But you should always be prepared for the worst-case scenario. 

Luckily, glampers have already paved the way for those looking to work mobile, even if that place doesn’t have a nearby outlet. An external battery would be a budget choice. A solarpowered battery may cost a little more, but it’s less likely to die on you halfway through your outside session. If you have the $40 – $150 to spend, you’re sure to find something that fits your needs. 

3). Seat / Picnic Blanket 

Whether you’re off to a neighborhood park or a national park, you may want something to sit on that isn’t a rock or stump. Do you have to work there all day? No. But should you plan for comfort? Always. If you’re just trying to get your work done with back support, find a portable camping chair that fits your needs. Maybe you can find a set of trees perfect for that hammock you got two years ago and have yet to put to use. Looking to take up corner-office-levels of space? Maybe a picnic blanket will make a better footprint for your outdoor office.  

4). Nourishment 

If you can make it through a workday without snacks, there’s more than a few people that might want in on your secret. But beyond treats, having water is always a good idea. Make sure you have both a water bottle and enough food packed with you that you won’t get a hankering to forage the land nearby for wild berries and bubbling brooks. 

5). Backpack 

Sure, you can set up your outdoor office mobile. But first, you have to get there. Whether you have a serious hike ahead of you or a 30-yard walk from car to picnic table, juggling the necessities is not advised. You don’t want an adventurous workday to become a work disaster. Not when you could’ve prevented it with the right gear. Luckily, finding a backpack that can fit your needs shouldn’t be too hard. And, while you’re unlikely to set up when the forecast calls for rain, it never hurts to have a bag that doesn’t mind getting wet. 

Making the Most of Mobile Work 

So there it is. Five essentials for being able to live the work mobile life in the great outdoors. From internet connection to snack situation, keep these in mind before you decide to enjoy some well-deserved time away from your corporate or home office. 

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