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Motus Expands Leadership Team
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Motus Expands Leadership Team to Accelerate Growth and Customer Value at Scale

Investment in New Chief Technology Officer, Chief Revenue Officer, and Chief Customer Officer to Drive Innovation and Incremental Value for Customers Over the Long-Term BOSTON, Mass., October 13, 2022 –...

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image of receipts calculator and expense report evoking Employee Expense Reimbursement
Headshot of a man with a blurred background
Industry Trends Mobile Workforce Vehicle Reimbursement

Employee Expense Reimbursement: Why Make Reimbursements a Priority

Ben Reiland on November 28, 2022

Priorities are an essential part of getting things done. The most important, the most pressing, the things with the highest impact come first. It just makes sense. But it also…

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image of electric vehicle charging stations evoking electric vehicle infrastructure
Man's headshot with blurred background
Company Culture Vehicle Reimbursement

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure: Is Now the Time to Own an EV?

John Petrucelli on November 22, 2022

Electric vehicles are on the rise. Consumers have asked and manufacturers have rushed to answer the demand for battery-powered cars. While we’re still quite a way away from electric vehicles…

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young couple playing with toddler evoking Motus and Maven
headshot of Annmarie Cassara
Company Culture HR Hangout Motus News

Motus + Maven: A Benefit That Invests in You

Annmarie Cassara on November 21, 2022

Being an employee on the People Operations team at Motus for over a year now, I learned rather quickly how being a “people first” company is not just a talking…

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image of parked vehicles evoking company car policy
Headshot of a man with a blurred background
Mobile Workforce Vehicle Reimbursement

Company Car Policy: Entrusting Fleet Vehicles to Employees

Ben Reiland on November 15, 2022

Setting up a company-provided vehicle program means juggling several priorities. Vehicle acquisition and registration is one thing, the company car policy is another. So what is a company car policy?…

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IRS Mileage Rate
headshot of Xochitl Arteaga
Mobile Workforce Vehicle Reimbursement

What is the Current IRS Mileage Rate? How Does it Impact Your Business?

Xochitl Arteaga Arteaga on November 10, 2022

Every year, the IRS announces a new mileage rate. That number is generally somewhere between 30 cents and 60 cents. And it has considerable impact on many companies’ vehicle programs….

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man in car using phone evoking IRS Approved Mileage Logs
Headshot of a man with a blurred background
Mobile Workforce Vehicle Reimbursement

IRS Approved Mileage Logs: The Benefits of Compliance

Ben Reiland on November 8, 2022

IRS approved mileage logs are an essential piece of most vehicle programs. In fact, without them, many vehicle programs wouldn’t function. What makes them so essential? And what conditions does…

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long exposure image of vehicle lights on a highway evoking federal mileage allowance
Headshot of a man with a blurred background
Mobile Workforce Vehicle Reimbursement

Business Vehicle Programs: Federal Mileage Allowance

Ben Reiland on November 3, 2022

Business mileage reimbursement can be confusing. Especially if you don’t spend your days thinking about vehicle programs. That might be why you found yourself searching for federal mileage allowance. We’re…

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image of man buckling seatbelt, evoking driver compliance
Headshot of a man with greenery in the background
Mobile Workforce Vehicle Reimbursement

Ensuring Driver Compliance in Your Mobile Workforce

Ken Robinson on October 26, 2022

What are your biggest concerns with your vehicle program? For most companies, its visibility into mileage expense and employee satisfaction with the vehicle program. But another point of concern is…

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group around table filled with graphs and charts evoking budgeting for auto reimbursement
Headshot of a man with a blurred background
Finance Focus Mobile Workforce Vehicle Reimbursement

Budgeting for Your Auto Reimbursement or Other Vehicle Program

Ben Reiland on October 18, 2022

Whether it’s an auto reimbursement or fleet, budgeting for your vehicle program is an important step in preparing for the coming year. But the amount of effort required depends largely…

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