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Permira Agrees to Make Strategic Investment in Motus

• Permira to leverage strong track record in software investing to drive growth at scale at Motus • Existing investor Thoma Bravo expected to reinvest in Motus as part of...

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work forward event
Company Culture

Working Forward: Our Approach to the New Normal

Motus on July 8, 2021

Businesses across the country are opening up, many without a solid plan for office attendance. This being new territory for everyone, no one knows what’s exactly right for their company….

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fleet management company
Anywhere Workforce Vehicle Reimbursement

Fleet Management Companies: Out-Sourcing Your Fleet Management

Ben Reiland on June 30, 2021

There’s no denying that company-provided vehicle programs are popular. Some companies prefer to have control over the vehicles driven for their business. Others like to see it as a benefit…

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on-demand services
Anywhere Workforce Industry Trends

On-Demand Services: Popular During the Pandemic and Here to Stay

Ken Robinson on June 28, 2021

So many things have changed since the pandemic, the list of things that weren’t affected might be shorter. Some of those changes were already in motion. The pandemic just pulled…

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Consumers Prefer On-Demand
Anywhere Workforce Motus News

Motus Report Finds Consumers Prefer On-Demand Vehicle Shopping & Services Over In-Person Experiences Post-COVID

Motus on June 24, 2021

80% Now Prefer Hybrid or Online-Only Experiences, Highlighting the Auto Industry’s Evolution & Opportunities in Sales, Maintenance and Insurance BOSTON, Mass., June 24, 2021 – Motus, the definitive leader in…

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Work Anywhere Culture
Anywhere Workforce Company Culture Location Services

Finding Your Own Balance in a Work Anywhere Culture

Aerica Lovett on June 22, 2021

I’ve been working remotely since 2017, well before most office workers were forced to work from home because of the COVID-19. While the way I worked was not disrupted by the pandemic, I was unfortunately laid off. I needed to find a fully remote company…

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work forward starts here
Company Culture Motus News

“Work Forward” Starts Today

Craig Powell on June 17, 2021

Ever since I joined Motus in 2013, we’ve championed our team members and company culture. As a result, we’ve not only seen incredible success as a business, but also grown…

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benefits of telecom expense management
Device Mobility IT Insights

The Benefits of Telecom Expense Management: Is Your Company On Top of Cost Control? 

Jennifer Warren on June 15, 2021

Whether your company is small and starting out or an enterprise with headquarters in many countries, telecom is essential. As such, the expenses of are a necessary cost. But there’s…

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appreciating housing market values
Location Services

Appreciating Housing Market Values: How Are They Impacting Company Relocation Policies? 

Denise Oemig on June 10, 2021

Many transferees are expressing concern about the increased cost of living due to appreciating housing market values across North America. If a cost-of-living allowance wasn’t initially offered, they are asking for one. If they are receiving an…

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fleet accident management
Anywhere Workforce Industry Trends Vehicle Reimbursement

Fleet Accident Management: What Does Your Company Do When the Worst Happens?

Ben Reiland on June 8, 2021

Vehicle accidents happen. And there’s no shortage of causes. While there are prevention measures people can take, these often come far too late. Vehicle accidents are particularly common among companies…

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