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IRS Increases Business Mileage Rate to 62.5 Cents: Rate Effective for Final Six Months of 2022

Motus: Rate Increase Comes at Time of High Fuel Costs, Inflation Impacting Repairs and Maintenance, and Continued Supply Chain Challenges Driving Up Costs BOSTON, Mass., June 9, 2022 – The...

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Production Systems

Technological Transformation Part 2: Production

Scott Rankin on October 18, 2016

In part one of this series, we discussed the radical transformation of the Motus internal systems as we moved from a legacy monolithic application to a service-based platform. This post will detail the evolution our staging and production systems undertook in order to support the new platform.

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mobile technology
Anywhere Workforce Technology

How Mobile Technology Lowers Costs and Increases Productivity

Alexis Reed on October 13, 2016

Mobile technology has reached a tipping point in business, and for good reason. Not only has mobile adoption reached a critical mass among employees, but many businesses are finding that those employees are willing – and in some cases even eager – to leverage their own devices for business applications. While companies originally feared mobile would be more of a distraction than a benefit, they are today finding the opposite to be true.

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Anywhere Workforce Vehicle Reimbursement

The 4 Biggest Pains of Manual Mileage Reporting

Jeff Porter on September 29, 2016

In 2016, we are surrounded by technology that is constantly updating to meet our needs. Now more than ever, there are mobile applications that make our lives infinitely easier. Why wait for a taxi when you can simply request a personal vehicle at a reasonable fare? Why worry about paying friends back when you can immediately send payments via phone? For those in the mobile workforce industry, why waste time and risk accuracy with a manual mileage log?

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Apps for Mobile Workers
Anywhere Workforce Company Culture Technology

Five Apps Every Mobile Worker Needs

Jeff Porter on September 23, 2016

Life as a mobile employee undoubtedly requires lots of focus, energy, attention to detail, and patience. Whether you’re a sales rep for a large pharmaceutical company or you’re stocking shelves from one grocery store to the next, certain every day challenges are sure to surface and stifle your ability to conquer. The reality is, we now live in a society that is dictated by technology. There seems to be an app for everything nowadays, allowing for all of us to navigate through life with more at our fingertips. In a world where the workforce is becoming exponentially more mobile, employees are blessed with opportunities to stay more organized, resourceful and (perhaps most paramount), increasingly more productive in the field. Without further ado, here are five really cool applications that are absolutely essential to the mobile employee’s success.

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How Advancements Have Changed Phone Technology

Number, Please: How Everything on the Phone Has Changed

John Petrucelli on September 13, 2016

The landline telephone was the first speed-of-light communications technology that anybody could use. The telegraph was invented earlier, but it wasn’t practical to put in every home and office—plus, you needed to learn Morse Code to talk to anybody.

Once you could talk to anyone, mobile, in any language you pleased, everything about business changed. Entire industries sprang up around the phone—not just to take care of the wiring, but to help facilitate the connections and opportunities that all that unfettered communication brought with it.

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Food and Beverage Fleets

Improving Tech Adoption Among Aging Food and Beverage Fleets

Alexis Reed on September 6, 2016

Food and beverage fleets are pinched by two significant challenges when introducing driver-facing technology. The first is retention. As reported by Food Logistics, more than four out of five food and beverage fleets have turnover of above 25%. For one-third of fleets, the turnover is at least 50%. High turnover means high rates of driver replacement, and every new driver must be trained on the systems. The other significant challenge is the age of the industry’s drivers. Also as reported by Food Logistics, virtually every fleet in the food and beverage industry is staffed by drivers who average 40 years old or more.

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Odometer Readings
Vehicle Reimbursement

Variations in Odometer Readings

Danielle Lackey on August 30, 2016

You may be wondering why the odometer reading in your vehicle differs from the distance calculated by an online mapping provider. The answer is simple: although vehicle odometer readings are close to the actual mileage traveled, they are not precise. Surprising to many, there is no federal law that regulates odometer accuracy, only guidelines by The Society of Automotive Engineers that allow for a margin of error of plus or minus four percent. A FOX19 report on odometer readings found that four vehicles of different makes all registered inaccurate readings. Some readings overshot the mileage driven, while others under reported the mileage driven. Even a variance of twenty feet per mile driven could result in a discrepancy of over five-hundred miles over the vehicle’s lifetime.

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Automated Mileage Tracking
Technology Vehicle Reimbursement

4 Ways Automated Mileage Tracking Pays Off

Motus on August 24, 2016

Automation is dramatically impacting businesses of all types – from cybersecurity, to healthcare, to agriculture. As technology shifts many of the tasks workers perform daily from manual processes to automated processes, businesses are able to become more efficient and better at helping employees to reach their full potential.

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Internal Dev and QA Systems

Technological Transformation Part 1: Internal Dev and QA Systems

Scott Rankin on August 9, 2016

Overview Over the last three years, the technology platform at Motus has undergone a radical transformation. This time three years ago, we had three physical servers in a rack somewhere…

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