Technology Trends in Small Business:  Automation, Integration and Mobile Workforce
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Technology Trends in Small Business:  Automation, Integration and Mobile Workforce

By Brian Calhoun November 23, 2021

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Staying ahead as a small business means adapting to change. Following the pandemic, most companies have had evolve in some areas. One of the biggest areas of change has been technology adoption. While enterprises may have more capital to pivot with, lean small businesses may have an advantage with their flexibility. Here are the top five technology trends in small business. 

1. Mobile Workforce

While some companies cannot take advantage of this trend in full, following 2021, those companies that can have already experienced it. Not every business is keen on the idea of remote work, but employees are overwhelmingly in favor of it. So how does this tie in with tech?   

For optimal success, employers must equip employees to work from anywhere. That means ensuring they have the right devices for their duties, or are reimbursed for the business use of personal assets. It also means implementing software and security systems that don’t depend on an in-house server. 

Companies that require employees to be in-person can still take advantage of some Mobile Workforce practices. While they may not have access to a world-wide talent pool, they may be able to onboard new employees remotely.  

2. Growing Gig Economy

Employees are the backbone of any business. However, in today’s world, that backbone may support more than one business. That could be a driver that simultaneously deliver food for DoorDash and shuttle passengers for Uber. It could also be a graphic designer who contracts work from wedding planners to mom and pop shops. 

Not every small business can outsource specific tasks, but as the gig economy rises, there may be more opportunities for contractors than initially thought. Consider the goals and processes of your business. What areas fall outside of the expertise of you or your staff? Website management? Deliveries? Marketing materials? Take a look and see who might be out there, waiting to lend their services. 

3. Cybersecurity

We covered this topic in a previous post, but it remains among the top technology trends in small business. The why of it is simple. Customers are essential to a business, and not protecting their data or company sensitive information in general is an easy way to lose customers. What’s new about cybersecurity? IT departments are implementing Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) in their companies. Businesses with smaller headcount aren’t any less vulnerable to cyber-attack.  

4. Software Integration

The more connected your process is, the easier it is to manage. That extends to the software you use. How? Consider your workforce. How many of them get along well? Would you say employees who work well together are easier to manage? The same applies to your software. You may have a dozen apps to keep track of multiple parts of your business, but all that disparate information can be a challenge to keep track of. Integrating your backend more completely will provide better perspective and make running a business that much easier. 

5. Automation

We generally see automation in the larger businesses of producing industries. Yet it is a top technology trend in small business today. How? Well, automation is reserved for factory assembly lines. Consider, for example, tracking mileage. With certain vehicle programs, employee who drives their personal vehicle for work must record their mileage and other key details to receive a reimbursement. Recording that information takes time out of the employees day, and may not be the most accurate. Employers can automate the process with an app that captures trip information, including miles driven. This simple automated task saves employees time and the company money.  

Taking Next Steps With New Technology Trends in Small Business 

No matter the size, in an evolving market companies must adapt to survive. This list is a good place to start. Not everything will be directly applicable to your business, but start looking at how you might implement those that do. From cybersecurity and software integration to Mobile Workers and automation, explore your options and find out how your company stands to benefit. 

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