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Managed Mobility Services Providers: What do they Offer Your Company? 

Headshot of a woman By Jennifer Warren November 20, 2020

Categories: Managed Mobility

The list of managed mobility services (MMS) providers is long. And if anything the space has only grown over the past decade. But what do MMS providers bring to the table? What are they offering your company? Is it something you can’t do without? Let’s explore in this blog. 

What does your company’s current mobility program look like? 

We dig into what managed mobility services is elsewhere on our blog, but you know that many companies have employees who need mobile devices to do their work. And those companies have options to choose fromThese vary from BYOD to CPD to CYOD or even a hybridSome companies opt to have their IT department handle their mobile device program, sourcing, configuring, and supplying the mobile devices inhouse. However, that process can be more work and result in more expenses and headaches than its worth. Which is where Managed Mobility Services providers come in. 

What do managed mobility services providers offer your company? 

There are several ways a managed mobility services provider can help your company with its mobile device program needs. They can recommend optimal rate plans based on usage and help you avoid surprise overage chargesSome providers can even get you better rates with carriers than companies can get on their own. They source, supply and configure devices, even ensuring they have the right software updated before sending them to designated employees. Perhaps one of the biggest roles they can perform is help desk support. Your company’s IT team will be free to focus on other company issues while the MMS provider takes care of any mobile issues, be it trouble shooting or something more challenging.  

Where do managed mobility services providers fall short? 

Time savings, process automation and efficiency all play a large role when a company signs on with a managed mobility services providerOnce they have one, companies may switch MMS providers for a number of reasons. That could be because the service and support with their current MMS is lacking. Not seeing the savings promised by their current MMS provider might also motivate them to switchAnd it can be as simple as another MMS provider having a better offering.  

What does Motus offer? 

Motus offers complete end to end mobile asset life cycle management. Most MMS providers will deliver devices and provide help when there’s trouble. But once the device needs to be replacedthat’s something the company has to take care of. Motus will replace the device, repair it if possible and recycle it, wiping it of sensitive information before holding it as potential inventory or retiring it permanently. When a MMS provider’s promise falls shortit may result in unplanned manhours and additional employees. Motus enables your employees to do their job without placing additional strain on your IT department. That means FTE savings delivered as promised 

Many MMS providers do not offer a comprehensive end to end solution. They will often outsource mobile helpdesk support and mobile depot services—like staging and kitting or replacement, repairs and recycling—to a third party. This may result in a higher price than initially agreed upon and another vendor relationship to manage. Motus does not outsource any of our MMS offering. Our MMS solution delivers end-to-end mobile lifecycle management, from device ordering and service activation to device end-of-life and everything in between, in house.   

Interested in learning more about how MMS providers can help your company? Check out our IT Leader’s Guide for Implementing a Mobile Device Program. 

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