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Motus Expands Leading Vehicle Reimbursement Solutions

Motus O logo By Motus November 15, 2023

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Platform enhancements will optimize spend for companies depending on front-line employees 

BOSTON, Mass., November 15, 2023 Motus, the definitive leader of vehicle reimbursement and risk mitigation solutions for businesses that rely on employees using their personal vehicles for work, today announced the latest expansion of its platform. With these upgrades, Motus expands its solution to address the needs of employees who depend on weekly or biweekly reimbursements to make ends meet. For companies in manufacturing, distribution, wholesaling, healthcare, trades and other sectors – vehicle reimbursements for these front-line employees can represent millions of dollars a year. With new enhancements that increase visibility and control, Motus continues to provide businesses the widest range of solutions to optimize total vehicle reimbursement spend across the enterprise.  

To help enterprises manage the addition of new configurations to their existing reimbursement and driver safety programs, Motus further expanded its vehicle platform with enhanced program visibility capabilities. 

Navigator is an innovative new interface that helps administrators more easily and proactively manage multiple programs to get the best results. This intuitive interface allows fast filtering and sorting of all the drivers in reimbursement and safety programs across the enterprise, to ensure programs are running optimally and driver risks and compliance are being managed.  

Enhanced Notifications are delivered directly to program administrators to help them take corrective action when drivers are not fully enrolled in assigned programs or their information becomes invalid, preventing reimbursement.  

On-demand driver-tax reporting helps administrators and team leaders keep their drivers informed of their tax advantages and status throughout the year. 

Additionally, Motus is introducing weekly and biweekly cents-per-mile (CPM) reimbursement programs, expanding the range of IRS compliant and tax advantaged reimbursement programs to align with the most common payroll cycles. Motus has also enhanced its approval management and workflow features to help manage the pace and volume of reimbursements for these important front-line employees.   

“For many companies, vehicle reimbursements are much bigger than they are aware – in many cases reaching millions and even tens-of-millions of dollars per year,” said Ryon Packer, Chief Product Officer at Motus. “That’s why we created Navigator, enhanced our notifications and are delivering a flexible new tax reporting solution. We are making it easy for reimbursement program administrators to see the big picture and the details of this material spend, so they can put the right controls in place to optimize the total enterprise spend.”   

Motus gives companies visibility and control over all their vehicle reimbursements and risks while improving employee satisfaction by offering the broadest range of tax advantaged reimbursement programs. Proactive optimization produces the best results over the life of every program –powered by superior service and support for savings that are IRS compliant and substantiated. More companies trust Motus to achieve their vehicle reimbursement business objectives and successfully manage changes that impact employees. 

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