How Your Business Can Benefit from Motus’ Vehicle Reimbursement Program
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How Your Business Can Benefit from Motus’ Vehicle Reimbursement Program

Headshot of a woman with an office in the background By Alexis Reed April 13, 2023

Categories: Mobile Workforce Vehicle Reimbursement

Who is Motus? The leader in vehicle reimbursement solutions. It’s right there at the top of our website in big white letters. But what does that mean exactly? How do we help companies like yours? There are many ways Motus can help your company with its vehicle reimbursement program. We can break that down into two aspects: how we help the company, and how we help the mobile worker. In this post we’ll go through each of them, one by one. 

How does Motus help mobile workers? 

A big part of any business is its employees. By doing their jobs, the people who work for the company make the company. That includes the company’s mobile workforce, the ones driving as part of their job role. How can a vehicle reimbursement program with Motus improve their lives? By improving productivity, providing flexibility, ensuring fair and accurate reimbursements and more.  


Recording business miles is essential to accurate reimbursement. Recording miles manually not only takes time, but can lead to issues with mileage fraud and possible IRS audits. Motus provides automated mileage capture, making recording business mileage simple. Once enabled, mobile workers can simply start driving. When the trip is complete, they can add any other necessary information and submit it easily. With automated mileage capture, employees get valuable time back in their day.   

Fair and Accurate Reimbursement 

Sometimes a vehicle reimbursement program fails to reimburse mobile workers accurately. With car allowances, there’s tax waste and a one-size-fits-all approach. Mileage reimbursement can run into the same one-size-fits-all issue. With Motus, your company can choose the types of vehicle programs to run. Our team will calculate rates that match program parameters, while also accurately reimbursing your employees. When paired with accurate mileage capture, reimbursements are stronger than ever.

Driver Safety 

Employee safety is essential. While everyone can agree with that, too many companies aren’t doing enough to protect their employees. A truly comprehensive vehicle program isn’t just about reacting when an employee is found at fault in an accident. Motus Drive Safe can cover the bases of motor vehicle record (MVR) reporting, insurance verification and driver assessment and safety training modules. This means a driver safety program that isn’t just reactive, but proactive too.

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How does Motus help companies with their vehicle reimbursement programs? 

We’ve shared some of the ways a vehicle reimbursement program with Motus can help mobile workers. But what can Motus do for the company itself? From cost control and risk mitigation to increased insight and scalability, Motus solutions tackle the challenges you face with your current vehicle reimbursement program today. Let’s dive into the benefits of working with Motus. 

Cost Control 

A big reason customers partner with Motus is to control costs. They might have capital tied up in their fleet program and no insight into rampant fuel spend. Or they have a considerable amount of tax waste from their car allowance program. Or high mileage drivers and possible mileage fraud are making them rethink their mileage reimbursement program.  

Motus vehicle program solutions help companies make the right reimbursements, without concerns of mileage fraud or tax waste. Using the Motus Platform, the Motus team works with your company to calculate rates beneficial to the business and its mobile workers. The Motus app also helps cut down on costs. Automated mileage capture creates up to 20% savings compared to self-reported mileage.  

But the costs of inaccurate reimbursements, tax waste and mileage fraud are only some of the financial burden a company faces. 

Risk Mitigation 

Vehicle programs can expose companies to considerable risk. Personal-use exposes companies with fleet vehicles to legal risk. Failure to reimburse employees enough can also lead to lawsuit. Programs without IRS-compliant mileage logs expose companies to audit risk. And, as mentioned above, driver safety is also a big area of risk for many companies. 

Motus vehicle program solutions help companies by limiting off-hours corporate exposure to accidents. We also verify drivers insurance and the level of coverage to ensure it meets company policy. When calculating rates, we consider all factors to ensure accuracy and fairness, avoiding potential lawsuit risk. Finally, we have a robust safety offering to get your company’s driver safety program where it needs to be. 

Increased Insight 

Some companies that don’t have insight into their mobile workforce simply don’t know what they’re missing. For others, it’s a top priority. From fleet programs to mileage reimbursement programs, administrators want to better understand how their mobile workers operate. That’s where Motus comes in. 

The Motus Platform enables administrators with the tools and tech they need. With its high level of automation, every aspect of mileage reimbursement becomes simple – whether you have 5 drivers or 5,000. Our powerful reporting capabilities mean companies gain insight into field activities. Whether its double checking high mileage driver activity or looking for route optimization opportunities, the Motus Platform delivers.  


Businesses grow and shrink. The more adaptable they are when the economy shifts, the better. That applies to their vehicle reimbursement program as well. That poses a bigger problem for some vehicle programs than others. For instance, a fleet program that needs to downsize means working through offloading a number of cars, or paying for idle, depreciating assets. Motus understands scalability is key. 

With Motus, we work with you to create an adaptable vehicle program. Something as sudden as a hike in gas prices could result in an adjustment in reimbursement rates. Whatever the economy, we work to ensure you continue to provide fair and accurate reimbursements.  

Have more than one vehicle program? Motus makes managing multiple vehicle programs at the same time that much easier. From accountable allowances to mileage reimbursements to fixed and variable rate reimbursements, admins can view them all in the same platform. 

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Payments. At the end of the day, its what vehicle reimbursement programs are all about. Your employees drove their personal vehicles for work, they should be reimbursed accurately and in a timely manner. When payments don’t go through, or there’s a problem with the system, it’s a bad day for everyone: drivers, managers, administrators, everyone. Companies need a system they can rely on.  

Motus is a leader in reliable payments. What does that mean? It means we process over $2 billion in reimbursements for our customers each year. It also means we work to meet the needs of your company. We can integrate directly into a payroll system, export an approved reimbursement report for a payroll system, push the expense claims through Concur or another T&E partner or we can make the reimbursement payments to the mobile workers via direct deposit.   

The Bottom Line

In the past, reimbursing employees who drove for business was a daunting process. Thanks to advances in software and mobile technologies, it is now easier than ever. 

The Motus Platform and Motus app automate all areas of your vehicle reimbursement program, from business mileage reporting in the field to the reimbursement process. We designed our platform to increase accuracy, boost efficiency and share cost savings every step of the way. Business mileage data also provides greater visibility into your mobile workforce, allowing you to optimize driving patterns and improve procedures. 

With more employees entering the mobile workforce each day, the need for a fully automated reimbursement platform has never been greater. Interested in learning more about how Motus helps companies with their vehicle reimbursement programs? Reach out to connect with a member of our team today! 

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