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BYOD Business Benefits: What a BYOD Program Brings to the Table 

By Jennifer Warren September 14, 2021

Categories: Anywhere Workforce Device Mobility

In an “adapt or lose relevance” world, companies are looking into new approaches to solve current problems. One common area for change is their mobility program. The way employees communicate in business is essential to the process. So what are the BYOD business benefits that would convince a company to adopt this program? And what is BYOD? 

What is BYOD? 

First things first, a BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device, program reimburses employees for the business use of their personal devices. This program is unlike a CPD, or Company-provided device, program where employees receive a work-specific device. Both of these options have their strengths and weaknesses. So what are the BYOD business benefits? 

How does BYOD benefit companies? 

There are a number of advantages a BYOD program can bring to its company. We’ll start with one of its biggest draws: the cost. 

Low Overhead 

A BYOD program doesn’t require an employer to purchase new devices for each employee, or carrier plans that encompass those devices. Employees continue to use the devices they own in a work capacity, and the company reimburses them. Some companies provide employees with a stipend that covers all or part of their phone bill. Other companies provide a reimbursement specific to the individual, their phone, and the costs of device ownership in their location. For companies just getting off the ground or looking to introduce a mobility program to another department, the low-price tag is a big plus.  

Minimized Management 

BYOD programs also benefit businesses looking to minimize additional administration. While many companies will provide employees with security updates to ensure data safety, the rest of the program will require little management beyond reimbursements. No negotiating with carriers over bills or device replacement management. Employees troubleshooting their devices will use the same resources they use when device issues arise in their personal life. 

Employee Compatible 

Employee productivity is directly tied to knowledge and experience. Adopting new tactics and technology always requires a transition period. Decision makers talk about change management when considering bringing something new to the company. And new can be good. Flexibility in a company is a source of strength. But it often takes time and may encounter opposition. 

Employees that receive company-provided devices generally don’t have a choice in their new device. They may not know the system and may struggle to learn it. When they’re using their own device, this isn’t an issue. Consider how many days, weeks, months it takes for employees to adapt to a change in the company. However long that may be, with a BYOD program, you don’t have to worry about it. 

Why Motus? 

A BYOD program is an easy to administer program with little overhead. What’s more, it empowers employees to use a device their comfortable with. But there is more to it than simple reimbursements and security measures. Companies can trust the experts at Motus to ensure personal devices are updated with the necessary security software. Similarly, companies can trust the Motus platform to deliver accurate calculations for employee reimbursements. 

Is your company interested in a company-provided device program for part of the workforce and a BYOD program for the rest? Motus can provide businesses with both simultaneously, cutting down outsourced management needs. Interested in learning more? 

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