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How Recruiting with Mobile Enablement Wins Top Talent

By Jennifer Warren December 12, 2019

Categories: Anywhere Workforce Device Mobility

How Mobile Enablement Can Benefit Your Company’s Recruiting Efforts

Mobile devices have a position in the workplace that goes beyond burdening IT with set up, security and trouble shooting. They’re indispensable tools for workers. What’s more, a good mobile device/support program can be a significant recruiting tool. How’s that? Let’s start by taking the company perspective.

Mobile Enablement Works as a Recruiting Tool for Companies

Companies have grown from the buildings people spend their 9 to 5 in before racing home to tv dinners with their nuclear family. One indicator of corporate culture change is the adoption of bring your own device (BYOD) programs, pushing corporate liable out the door. In fact, more than 8 billion personal mobile devices will be used for work purposes by 2022, up from just 312 million in 2016. This also indicates IT is no longer the sole decision maker when it comes to choosing platforms. What does that mean for companies making the change?

Well, lower costs and lower infrastructure and support needs certainly don’t hurt. But it allows them to evolve with their corporate culture branding. No company wants to come across as behind the times or miles from the cutting edge. People across the workforce are seeking jobs with energy and life, not a corporate prison that crams them into an uncomfortable position with awkward tools.

Businesses with a BYOD mindset brand themselves as both empowering their workforce and providing a flexible work environment. This enhances the employee experience and broadens the available talent pool. The more open the company culture, the more likely it is to pull in fresh, innovative talent that might be turned off by stale corporate culture.

Mobile Enablement Works as a Recruiting Tool for Employees

As mentioned previously, people seeking jobs are likely to seek work with companies that are more flexible. But BYOD culture empowers them – starting with familiarity. Employees are more familiar with their own devices. That means minimized training requirements, reduced technical support and greater productivity.

An important piece of that familiarity is knowing carrier network coverage. It’s still frustrating dealing with a lack of coverage, but people know their phone’s limits. Switching between personal and work phones with possibly different carriers almost guarantees double the frustration. Should the company switch corporate networks, employee frustration only increases. That’s not something an employee must endure when bringing their personal device.

BYOD also benefits all types of phone users. Apple and Android companies release devices each year. Itching for that the latest device? Early-adopter employees can use the newest device without repercussion. Sticking with that trusty smartphone, cracked screen and all? Employees are free to stay with what works for them.

And if it isn’t about the familiarity or the flexibility, then it’s about the simplicity. 61% of Gen Y and 50% of workers 30 years old or more believe the tech tools in their personal lives are more effective and productive than those used in their work life. Employees prefer simplified communication and workplace tools. By allowing a single device, and streamlined communications platforms, employees are able to manage their workflow better.

That simplicity extends to the onboarding and offboarding process. No need to set up a new phone for each employee, one that will later need to be wiped and recovered when they move on to other things. Avoiding the time-consuming and often aggravating process means an easier transition. An easy transition gets them access to company systems and pops them out of it more efficiently than many other programs.

Offer More with Mobile Enablement

There’s a significant trend toward BYOD culture in companies across industries in the United States. Mobile enablement may be a standout benefit in some areas, but more and more it’s becoming the norm. Companies that wait too long to implement these plans might find themselves among the laggards in a sea of bring your own device culture. Interested in finding out how your company can take advantage of this growing trend? Contact us here.

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