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Taking Care in October: Mobile Worker Safety, Device Security, Labor Laws and More

Headshot of a man with a blurred background By Ben Reiland October 6, 2020

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October has a reputation as the spookiest month. Darkness falls earlier in the evening and temperatures fall to a bone-chilling cold. We may find ourselves enjoying a scary movie marathon before the Spooktacular celebration of Halloween in its final weekend. With the thoughts of fears and frights, October is also a good time to consider safety and the many ways it should be applied to your business. So, what are those ways?

Mobile Worker Safety

The pandemic caused a serious drop in business mileage activity. While that’s taking its time to return to pre-COVID levels, business travel is far from a complete stop. And roads are no more safe than previous. In fact, according to NSC estimates, they were worse, with the death rate rising 20%. What can a company do to ensure the safety of their mobile workers?

The best approach is a comprehensive safety approach. That includes insurance verification. This may seem like a simple step but knowing that an employee trusted to drive for a company is insured should be essential. It also includes running motor vehicle record checks during the hiring process, following incidents and perhaps even more frequently. Finally, it includes training. Driver safety is not out of an employer’s hands, and the statistics of effective training proves it. Working with the right company can result in a reduction of collision rates by an average of 35%.

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Returning to Physical Space Safety

During COVID-19, only essential employees were required to work in the physical workspace. Recently, this has been expanded to include employees beyond those essential workers. A company is not a company without its employees. Working forward, it’s vital to hold their safety to the highest level.

Device Security

Safety isn’t limited to physical harm. Companies can be exposed to cyberattacks in many ways, including phishing. When a company’s security is compromised, their data and their customer’s data is put at risk. To avoid this, businesses can prioritize updating their current security practices where they are most vulnerable. One vulnerability that can be overlooked is device security.

Whether it’s their personal device being used in a BYOD capacity, or it’s their company provided device, employees may be tricked into sharing confidential information. Using a good Managed Mobility Services (MMS) provider can boost device security and limit exposure to malware. Keep in mind when shopping for MMS providers that an old platform made from multiple different platforms pose a greater security risk than a single platform provider might.

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Remote Work Safety

Employees working remotely may be able to maintain safety, but ensuring they have the proper resources to do so while remaining productive requires support from you. And not reimbursing remote employees for the business use of their personal assets, including WIFI and personal phones, could be a problem for your company. While only 13 states currently have legislation making these reimbursements mandatory, that number is likely to grow. And there are consequences for not reimbursing adequately. But a remote work reimbursement doesn’t have to be mandatory to be a good idea.

At the end of the day, people will continue to work remotely for years to come. Companies of today are setting the precedent for what that looks like. Those currently offering help and flexibility may see increased engagement and productivity, two things not to be dismissed easily. Whether it’s a home office stipend or help with the internet payment, a remote work reimbursement goes a long way.

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Steer Clear of Scary This Spooky Season

Safety is a choice. When it becomes a company priority, it benefits both the business and its employees. This October, take the time to see where you can improve the safety at your company. Big or small, it’s likely to make a change that helps all involved.

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