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Cost Cutting Ideas in Telecom: Control Costs Without Compromising Mobility

By Jennifer Warren May 28, 2021

Categories: Device Mobility

Your company’s mobility program isn’t going away anytime soon. Phones are an essential tool for internal communication and the selling process. But many companies may find their telecom expense line growing unwieldly. What can your company do? Here are a number of cost cutting ideas in telecom, beginning with the top expenses. 

1). In-House Program 

When you run an in-house mobility program, expenses pile up. There are typical expenses, and there are the expenses you may not have anticipated. 

  • Carrier Bills 
  • Phone lines 
  • Internet 

While there may be some fluctuation in the carrier bills, those expenses are expected. The following may be unexpected challenges. 

  • Device Management 
  • IT infrastructure 

Mobile assets have an expected upfront costHowever, whether the program is limited to specific roles, departments or across the entire company, many companies have a ready supply. A company might experience high turnover or have the same team for decades. In either scenario, some employees will use a personal device, leaving the corporate device unused. Neither changes the fact that idle assets add unnecessary expense to bills and grow more obsolete with each year. 

Second, managing mobility in-house means problem solving in-house. That can be costly in two ways. Companies may saddle current IT personnel with the duties of mobile devices, in addition to their current duties. Companies may have to hire new IT staff to help troubleshoot mobility specific issues. Either they stretch theialready thin IT resources, or they’re adding additional headcount. Both are costly in their own ways. 

The Solution: Outsource Your Mobility Program 

Believe it or not, companies save money by outsourcing their mobility program. How? Well, for starters, they don’t have a desk full of phones waiting to be put to work. What’s more, they handle the device preparation, making sure it has all the right software before its sent to the appropriate individual. Additionally, they handle repairs and end of life management. No company wants a device with sensitive information floating around on the secondhand market. Outsourced mobility programs should ensures that doesn’t happen. 

Managed mobility service providers also handle all the trouble shooting. That means no IT personnel stretched thin on mobility matters, no excessive financial headaches around bill management and no additional headcount in Finance or IT to help with the program. The quality of customer service depends on the provider, but the best will handle issues with ease and provide solutions within days if not hours.  

Finally, a company with an in-house mobility program is at the mercy of their carriersBilling may fluctuate and charges may be listed in ways that are intentionally difficult to understand. Managed mobility service providers have experience with a multitude of carriers. By controlling the bill, they can cut through the complex verbiage and potentially even negotiate them down. 

2) Inadequate Outsourced Provider 

With all the benefits, a company may jump at the chance to switch from in-house to outsourced mobility. Unfortunately, without MMS experience, the first choice may not be the right one. Warning signs include the promises of ROI and cost savings going unrealized. But those often come after the fact when the decision has already been made. 

The Solution: Find an MMS Provider That Meets the Needs of Your Company 

Cost control shouldn’t have to come at the expense of what your company needs in a mobility program. When making the decision, don’t just settle on the company that offers the highest ROI. Press them to deliver on other areas of importance. Good service and support should be essential to any company. The provider should also have a platform that meets your mobile device management needs, from software to security and beyond. 

Cost Cutting Ideas in Telecom 

There are many ideas any company may have around cutting their telecom costs. At the end of the day though, there’s one major solution. Outsourcing your mobility program may seem like a step backward when it comes to cost control. Why pay someone when you can do it in-house? That’s an easy question to answer when it’s framed in another way. It’s the same reason people call plumbers, electricians and mechanics. You might be able to snake a drain, replace a light bulb or change your own oil. But not every issue is so easy. You call for the expertise and the peace of mind, knowing that if you hadn’t, you could have made the problem even worse. 

Looking for a managed mobility services provider that meets your company’s mobility needs? Learn more about our offering. 

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